As used in this chapter, certain terms are defined as follows:
   (a)    "Whoever" includes owner, keeper, handler or harborer.
   (b)    "Owner" includes keeper, handler or harborer.
   (c)    "Registration tag" means the metal tag issued annually by the County Auditor evidencing a registered dog.
   (d)    "Registered dog" means a dog registered in compliance with Ohio R.C. Chapter 955.
   (e)    "Permit to run at large" means running at will, roaming away from the premises of the owner, acting on its own initiative and not on leash.
   (f)    "Impound" means to seize summarily, confine and retain in custody of law.
   (g)    "Animal" includes dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, horses, geese, ducks, turkeys, chickens or other fowl or any other animal, domestic or wild, maintained or kept as a pet, for work or for a product. 
(Ord. 57-2018.  Passed 7-23-18.)