(a)   No person shall operate a bicycle on any City streets without first obtaining from the Police Department a license for such bicycle as herein provided.
   (b)   The Police Department is hereby authorized and directed to issue, upon written application, a bicycle license.  Such license shall be valid indefinitely as long as the same person owns the bicycle, and shall entitle the licensee to operate the bicycle for which the same is issued on all streets within the City.
   (c)   The Police Department shall provide tags or stickers having the register number stamped thereon in numerical order, suitable for attachment to each bicycle.  Such tag or sticker shall be permanently attached to each bicycle and shall remain at all times so attached during the existence and validity of such license.  The Police Department shall also keep a record of the date of each license, the name, address and names of parents in each case of a minor applicant to whom the same is issued, who shall be the owner thereof, and also a record of the make and the manufacturer’s number on each bicycle registered, and shall issue an exact copy of such registration record to each applicant.  Such license shall not be transferable in any manner.
   (d)   If any bicycle is found in a street in the City without a license identification tag as set forth in this chapter, or with a mutilated or altered serial number or no serial number stamped on the frame of the bicycle, it shall be prima-facie evidence that such bicycle is being operated without proper registration and shall be impounded, as provided in subsection (e) hereof.
   (e)   If the operator of any bicycle violates any provision of this chapter, such bicycle may be immediately impounded by the Police Department and held by the Department for a period of not more than thirty days, to be determined by the Chief of Police.  If any bicycle is found without a license as required herein, the Police Department shall take possession of such bicycle and hold the same until proper ownership is proven.
(Ord.  117-1999.  Passed 7-26-99.)
   (f)   Whoever violates any provision of this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor on a first offense; on a second offense within one year after the first offense, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree; on each subsequent offense within one year after the first offense, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor of the third degree.