A.   Issuance Of Notices: In all cases wherein no specific provision is set out in this code defining what are nuisances and how the removal of the same may be effected, abated or prevented, in addition to what is declared to be such herein, those offenses known to the common law of the land as nuisances may, in the event that the same exist within the city or within three (3) miles thereof, be considered and treated as nuisances and proceeded against as in this chapter provided. It shall be the duty of the county board of health, police officers, street commissioner or city superintendent, or a member of the city council, when so required, to notify the author of any nuisance within the city limits or within three (3) miles thereof, either by verbal or written notice, to abate and remove such nuisance, provided such notice shall be required preliminary to the commencement of the prosecution of same. (Ord. 8.00; amd. Ord. 2.32; 2006 Code)
   B.   Failure To Abate; Filing Of Complaint: If such nuisance is not abated within twenty four (24) hours after the notice aforesaid, then it shall be the duty of the chief of police, police officers or county board of health to forthwith file a complaint under oath, before the city judge, setting forth the facts constituting the nuisance, to abate or remove the nuisance and enforce the provisions and penalties herein contained. (Ord. 8.00; amd. 2006 Code)