(A)   Initial data acquisition. Upon inspection of each FSF, the city inspector shall collect the necessary grease control data to facilitate the population of the city's grease control program database. The database will be updated with additional or modified information after each inspection.
   (B)   Administrative fee. An administrative fee for facilities with grease discharges shall be set by the city. The fee shall be established to ensure cost recovery and shall include but not be limited to the cost of field, administrative, engineering and clerical expenses involved. The fees shall be not less than $50 per year for each facility. The annual administrative fee shall be applied to the customer's July water and sewer service bill and be paid to the city, effective 7-1-2007.
   (C)   Monitoring. As a condition for service, the user shall provide, operate and maintain, at user's expense, safe and accessible monitoring facilities (such as a suitable manhole) at all times to allow observation, inspection, sampling and flow measurement of the building sewer or internal drainage systems. There shall be ample room in or near the monitoring facility to allow accurate sampling and preparation of samples for analysis. When the physical location and hydraulic conditions are suitable, a manhole or similar facility existing on the sanitary sewer collection system may be utilized as the user's manhole when agreed to by both the user and the city.
   (D)   Inspection and entry. Authorized personnel of the city, bearing proper credentials and identification, shall have the right to enter upon all properties subject to this program, at any time and without prior notification, for the purpose of inspection, observation, measurement, sampling, testing or record review, in accordance with this program.