Grease is one of the primary causes of stoppages, backups and overflows in a wastewater collection system. Grease buildup in the sewers also causes restrictions and capacity problems. The city's goal is to improve sewer service by reducing the impact of grease. This goal will be achieved through two related programs.
   (A)   Preventive maintenance program. The city's "field control" program, through which identified grease problem areas are routinely cleaned and inspected. The city is responsible for the "field control" of grease, through its normal collection system operations.
   (B)   Grease control program. The city's "source control" program, through which food service facilities (FSFs) are required to capture and properly dispose of the grease generated by their operation. The focus of this document is the grease control program, including the proper sizing, installation and maintenance of grease interceptors. The administrative and inspection requirements are established as well. Through the cooperative efforts of FSFs with the city, the goal of improved sewer service through proper grease control can be achieved.