(A)   The property number mapping system developed by the Cumberland County Emergency Communications District (E-911) in hereby adopted. It shall be the responsibility of the owner of record of each residence, building, structure or place of business (excepting sheds and accessory buildings) opening upon or having access to any street within the city to display the property number assigned by E-911 in a manner as to be visible from the center line of the adjacent street on which the property is located. To avoid any confusion, any previous or non-compliant numbers or addresses must be removed.
   (B)   All properties used as places of business or employment located in a shopping center shall bear the street number assigned by E-911 addressing on all doors with a reflective material. Numerals for rear doors may be requested, at no charge, from the Police Department.
(1989 Code, § 16-401)  (Ord. 1012, passed 10-23-2003)