In those zoning districts in which an adult-use cannabis dispensing organization may be located, the proposed facility must comply with the following.
   (A)   Facility may not be located within 1,500 feet of the property line of a pre-existing public or private nursery school, preschool, primary or secondary school, day care center, day care home or residential care home. Learning centers and vocational/trade centers shall not be classified as a public or private school for purposes of this section.
   (B)   Facility may not be located in a dwelling unit or within 250 feet of the property line of a pre-existing property zoned or used for residential purposes.
   (C)   At least 75% of the floor area of any tenant space occupied by a dispensing organization shall be devoted to the activities of the dispensing organization as authorized by the Act, and no dispensing organization shall also sell food for consumption on the premises other than as authorized in division (E) below in the same tenant space.
   (D)   Facility may not conduct any sales or distribution of cannabis other than as authorized by the Act.
   (E)   Facility may be issued a permit to host on-site consumption of cannabis if located in a freestanding structure occupied solely by the dispensing organization and smoke from the facility does not migrate into an enclosed area where smoking is prohibited. The security plan for the facility required by § 162.11 (Additional Requirements) shall also reflect adequate provisions to respond to disruptive conduct and over consumption. The on-site consumption permit shall be reviewed annually and may be suspended or revoked following notice and hearing as provided in the Village of Crestwood Village Code.
   (F)   For purposes of determining required parking, said facilities shall be classified as "retail store" per § 159.141 (Schedule of Off-Street Parking Requirements: Commercial Uses) of the Village of Crestwood Village Code, provided, however, that the village may require that additional parking be provided as a result of the analysis completed through § 159.141 (Adult-Use Cannabis: Special Use) herein.
   (G)   Petitioner shall file an affidavit with the village affirming compliance with this chapter and the State of Illinois Act as amended from time to time, and regulation as provided herein and all other requirements of the Act.
(Ord. 2511, passed 8-15-2019)