In determining compliance with §§ 159.170 to 159.175 (Special Uses) of this Title XV (Zoning Ordinance), the following components of the Adult-Use Cannabis Facility shall be evaluated based on the entirety of the circumstances affecting the particular property in the context of the existing and intended future use of the properties.
   (A)   Impact of the proposed facility on existing or planned uses located within the vicinity of the subject property.
   (B)   Proposed structure in which the facility will be located, including co-tenancy (if in a multi-tenant building), total square footage, and security installations/security plan and building code compliance.
   (C)   Hours of operation and anticipated number of customers/employees.
   (D)   Anticipated parking demand based on the parking required by the Village of Crestwood Zoning Ordinance and available private parking supply.
   (E)   Anticipated traffic generation in the context of adjacent roadway capacity and access to such roadways.
   (F)   Site design, including access points and internal site circulation.
   (G)   Proposed signage plan.
   (H)   Compliance with all requirements provided in § 162.05 (Adult-Use Cannabis Craft Grower); § 162.06 (Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivation Center); § 162.07 (Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensing Organization); § 162.08 (Adult-Use Cannabis Infuser Organization); § 162.09 (Adult-Use Cannabis Processing Organization); or § 162.10 (Adult-Use Cannabis Transporting Organization), as applicable.
   (I)   Other criteria determined to be necessary to assess compliance with §§ 159.170 to 159.175 (Special Uses) of this Title XV (Zoning Ordinance).
(Ord. 2511, passed 8-15-2019)