(A)   Subsequent to conditional approval of the preliminary plan, but prior to the submission of the final plat, the developing engineer and the Village Engineer shall cooperate on a consideration of the proposed plans, specifications and engineering calculations of such features as the following: water supply and water distribution system, sanitary sewerage system, including mains and sewerage disposal or treatment facilities, storm water drainage system, gas, telephone and electric service easements, street lighting, street name signs, fire hydrants, grading, gradients and widths of roadways and sidewalks, the paving of roadways and sidewalks and proposed detailed grading plans of blocks and lots. Prior to review of the final plat by the Plan Commission, the Village Engineer and other public officials having jurisdiction shall approve or make recommendations for revisions in the proposed plans and specifications, and they shall certify approval of the final plans and specifications prior to approval of the final plat by the Plan Commission.
   (B)   After the Plan Commission has approved the tentative plan, the subdivider shall submit to the Plan Commission a final plat, as described in § 155.17, together with following supporting documents:
      (1)   A master plan and plan and profiles approved by the Village Engineer showing, in detail, plans for sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water, street pavements, walks, street lights, lot and block and off-site grading improvements and house numbering plan. Elevation shall be referred to some permanent bench mark. Profiles shall be drawn to a horizontal scale of 50 feet to one inch and vertical scale of five feet to one inch.
      (2)   A statement signed by the subdivider setting forth the public improvements he or she proposes to make in the subdivision together with plans and specifications approved by the Village Engineer clearly describing the improvements and agreeing to make the improvements at his or her own expense (subject to approval of the final plat by the Village Board), with the time limit fixed by the Plan Commission. This agreement shall provide for the method of selection of the contractors engaged to construct the improvements, require their approval by the Village Engineer and require them to submit evidence and indemnifying the village against any loss or damage to persons or property during the course of the work. The agreement is subject to approval of the final plat by the Village Board.
      (3)   A statement of approval, signed by the Village Engineer, certifying that the improvements described in the subdivider’s statement meet the minimum requirements of this chapter and giving an estimate of the cost of the improvements, including the cost of engineering and inspection.
      (4)   A duly completed and executed corporate completion bond posted with the village by the subdivider in an amount equal to the Village Engineer’s estimate, and certified by the Village Attorney as good, valid and enforceable by the village, or a cash bond in an amount securing the satisfactory completion of all public improvements in strict accordance with the description, plans and specifications submitted by the subdivider and approved by the Village Board.
      (5)   Evidence satisfactory to the Plan Commission showing that all taxes and special assessments due on the property to be subdivided have been paid.
      (6)   Deposit with the Village Clerk all fees as required by this chapter in connection with publication, hearings, plat fees, engineering review of plans and inspection fees for improvements.
(Prior Code, § 9C-3B-2)