Any owner of a motor truck, semi-trailer or trailer who has complied with the terms of an ordinance of any city or town in the state within ten miles of the corporate limits of the city, which provides for the registration of motor trucks, semi- trailers and trailers, as provided by an act of the General Assembly of the commonwealth enacted in 1932, and who displays the requisite plates and holds the requisite receipt or the certificate or registration as required by the ordinance of such city or town and shall be exempt from registration in this city; provided that, all such owners while in the city, shall observe and obey all traffic regulations of the city and, provided further that, registration in any other city or town shall not in any way relieve any owner holding such receipt or certificate of registration from the penalties provided for herein for violations of this chapter.
(1984 Code, § 73.05) (Ord. O-72-66, passed 12-8-1966)