Title, Purpose And Definitions   1
General Zoning Provisions   2
Nonconforming Buildings And Uses   3
Zoning Districts And Map   4
Residence Districts   5
  R-1 One-Family Residence District   5A
  R-2 One-Family Residence District   5B
  R-3 One-Family Residence District   5C
  R-4 Two-Family Residence District   5D
  R-5 General Residence District   5E
  R-7 Rural Residential District   5F
Business Districts   6
  B-1 Retail Business District   6A
  B-2 Limited Service Business District   6B
  B-3 Service And Wholesale Business District   6C
  O Limited Office District   6D
Manufacturing Districts   7
  M-1 Limited Manufacturing District   7A
  M-2 General Manufacturing District   7B
  Performance Standards   7C
Miscellaneous Districts   8
  P-1 Public And Semipublic Districts   8A
  Open Lands Districts   8B
  LaGrange Road Arterial Road Corridor (ARC) Overlay District   8C
  City Center Design Standards Overlay District   8D
Planned Developments   9
Off Street Parking And Loading   10
Signs   11
Administration And Enforcement   12
Regulation Of Wireless Telecommunications Towers And Antennas   13
Official Comprehensive Plan   14
Commercial/Industrial Landscaping And Screening   15