Official Municipal Code   1
Saving Clause   2
Definitions   3
General Penalty And Abatement Of Code
Violations   4
Mayor And City Council   5
  Mayor   5A
  Aldermen   5B
  Council Meetings   5C
City Officers And Employees   6
  Personnel Policies   6A
  City Clerk   6B
  City Treasurer   6C
  Other City Officers   6D
  City Administrator   6E
  Administrative Clerk   6F
  Code Enforcement Officer   6G
  Drug And Alcohol Abuse Policy   6H
  Community Development Officer   6I
  HIPAA Privacy Officer   6J
  Budget And Finance Director   6K
  City Attorney   6L
Bidding And Contract Procedures   7
Corporate Seal   8
Unclaimed Bonds   9
Mileage Reimbursement   10
Tuition Assistance Program   11
Administrative Adjudication Of Charges
Of Municipal Code Violations   12
Antisexual Harassment Policy   13
Project Engineer   14
City Investment Policy   15
Annexation Costs   16
Locally Imposed And Administered
Tax Rights And Responsibility   17
Ethical Conduct   18
Community Development Director   19
Electronic Attendance At Meetings   20
Freedom Of Information Act And Open
Meetings Act   21