A.   Responsibility For Bills; Discontinuance Of Service: All accounts will be placed in the owner's or property management company's name only. The city will not allow any account to be set up in a renter's name. The owner will be responsible for all utility bills. When bills are delinquent more than sixty (60) days, the services will be discontinued until payment is made in full.
   B.   Notice Of Delinquency: When an owner of the premises receiving service is delinquent in payment and scheduled for shutoff, the city shall make a good faith effort to notify said owner of the delinquency and the amount delinquent. A notice of termination of service shall be sent to the owner of the premises receiving such service.
   C.   New Services: In the event service to a property has been terminated or a new owner seeks service to a property, before new service is provided to a property, any balances owing shall be paid in full. (Ord. 469, eff. 7-13-2010; amd. 2015 Code)