A.   Connection Fee:
      1.   Required: For the purposes of this subsection, a sewer and water hookup fee shall be charged to each individual household or living unit. This means a single-family residence, each unit in a mobile home park, each apartment, and each and every dwelling unit. The concept is that there shall be a separate sewer and water hookup for each household living unit, and each unit shall be charged the same whether the unit is located in a residential single-family subdivision, apartment house or complex, mobile home park, or any other arrangement. As an example, the residence containing an apartment or a residence wherein a portion is rented out would be considered two (2) units for the purposes of this subsection. (Ord. 342, 10-7-1997)
      2.   Amount Established By Resolution; Reductions May Be Authorized:
         a.   A fee as established by resolution of the city council shall be charged for the hookup of any water or sewer connection into any main or distribution line, and no hookup shall be made until the fee has been paid in advance to the city clerk-treasurer and a receipt issued for the same. (Ord. 410, 5-9-2006; amd. Ord. 500, 9-10-2013)
         b.   In multi-family or multi-unit developments, the city shall have the ability to reduce the rate of each individual water or sewer hookup if the developer designs the complex, installs all water and sewer pipes, installs water mains and can demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence that the action would be beneficial to or save money for the city at the present or in the future. (Ord. 342, 10-7-1997)
   B.   New Connections Or Services Outside City Limits Prohibited; Exception: Effective January 16, 2007, there shall be no new water or sewer hookups nor any water or sewer services provided by the city outside the city limits. This prohibition shall not apply to any existing extraterritorial water or sewer services nor to water or sewer services which have been committed to by the city. (Ord. 421, 1-9-2007)