From and after the effective date hereof, it shall be the duty of each person, firm or corporation maintaining a residence, property or place of business within the city to procure and maintain in or along the alleys adjacent to their respective premises, suitable containers or receptacles for collection of all garbage, litter and refuse resulting from the use or occupancy of such premises, and said person, firm or corporation shall be responsible for the cost of all disposal thereof. All containers required hereunder shall be of such size and capacity so they can be readily handled by one person. All garbage containers shall be of metal or tight construction and equipped with a securely closing lid and shall be made secure against overturning by dogs or other animals, and all refuse containers shall be of such construction as to prevent scatter of rubbish and litter placed therein; provided, however, that grass cuttings and weeds, and brush and tree trimmings, when closely trimmed and to lengths not exceeding four feet (4'), need not be placed in containers but may be neatly piled at usual places of collection of garbage and litter so the same can be picked up by fork. (Ord. 400, 8-9-2005; amd. 2015 Code)