A.   This title shall apply to the subdividing of all land within the corporate limits of the city, including the following:
      1.   The dividing of land into more than two (2) tracts, lots, or parcels for transfer of ownership for building development, any part of which, when subdivided, contains less than five (5) net acres.
      2.   The dedicating of any street or alley through or along any tract of land.
      3.   The resubdivision of a lot or parcel into more than two (2) sublots except as provided in subsection B of this section.
   B.   This title shall not apply to any of the following:
      1.   An allocation of land in the settlement of an estate of a decedent or a court decree for the distribution of property thereunder, provided the parcels thus formed do not violate the minimum lot sizes defined in this title.
      2.   When a piece of land is given to a blood relative with no money exchanged, said parcel can be deeded once in a lifetime without platting. (Ord. 242, 8-7-1984)