A.   The city clerk-treasurer is authorized to pay bills that meet the criteria for summarized categories by the due date listed on the bill prior to submitting the bill to the city council for approval.
Certain agencies
To maintain licenses or permits when required to operate and/or provide service to our customers and have a renewal date prior to a monthly city council meeting. (Example: DEQ, employee certifications)
Certain contracts
Contracts where signed agreements or actions require payment prior to a monthly city council meeting. (Example: law enforcement agreement)
Certain vendors
To avoid late fees where due date is prior to the monthly city council meeting. (Example: Farmers Supply Coop, Jerry's Auto Parts)
Payroll and payroll vendors. (Example: PERSI, federal/state withholding, garnishments)
Refunds and reimbursements
Refunds and reimbursements that are a result of overpayment for services that should be repaid in a timely manner and receipt of payment was made at least 21 days prior. (Example: overpayment on water/sewer bills, refund of water deposits)
Per diem reimbursement of expenses related to training when required prior to a monthly city council meeting. (Example: meals, hotel, mileage, registration)
(Res. 2014-03, 5-13-2014)
   B.   The city clerk-treasurer shall include the above bills in the bills submitted to the council for ratification at the first regular council meeting following the payment of the bill. (Res. 487, 7-10-2012)