The following uses are permitted in zone A residence district:
Accessory buildings and uses including private garages, carports, parking areas and recreation rooms and areas.
Alterations and conversions of single-family dwellings into two-family dwellings in accordance with the requirements set forth in this title.
Customary home occupations.
Golf courses, country clubs, tennis courts and similar recreational uses.
Parks, playgrounds, libraries, community centers and similar uses owned by a governmental agency, including police, fire and postal substations. Also including schools and churches.
Professional office of a surgeon, physician, dentist, lawyer, clergyman or other professional person using his residence for the consultation, emergency treatment or performance of religious rites only, and not for the general practice of a profession.
Single-family dwellings, which includes manufactured homes, with restrictions as follows:
   A.   Multisectional homes of at least one thousand (1,000) square feet.
   B.   Excavated and backfilled perimeter, no more than twelve inches (12") above grade.
   C.   Pitched roof can be required, but no less than three to twelve (3:12).
   D.   Can require siding and roofing for sight built appearance.
   E.   Garage or carport can be required of like material.
Two-family dwellings. (Ord. 319, 4-11-1995)