2.401   Election laws of the state to govern
   2.402   Municipal election; Commission established; terms; vacancies
   2.403   Date of elections; at large
   2.404   Voting hours; place
   2.405   Filing; statement of candidacy; petitions
   2.406   Same; fees
   2.407   Oath
   2.408   Certification
   2.409   Public notice required
   2.410   Write-in votes
   2.411   Successors to be qualified
   2.412   When qualified; assuming office
   2.413   Political parties
   2.414   Nonpartisan elections; runoffs; tie votes; contested results
   2.415   Special
   2.416   Qualifications for voting
   2.417   Conducting elections; responsibilities
Editor’s note:
The United States Congress has mandated that any ordinance which impacts upon the election process must be cleared in advance by the United States Department of Justice. (§ 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, as amended.)
Under state law, each municipal governing body shall determine by ordinance the time for filing nominating petitions, holding primary elections or conventions, the time for conventions, the time for closing of entries, and the time and manner of filing by candidates in nonpartisan elections.
The municipal governing body may determine by ordinance that either filing a statement of candidacy or a petition with the municipal election commission is required to place the name of the candidate on the ballot in nonpartisan general elections.
This article derives from the S.C. Code §§ 5-15-40 et seq., as amended and generally accepted municipal practices.