(a)   Surface. Except as provided in subsection 1134.12(a)(1), all parking areas, access drives and maneuvering areas shall have a smoothly graded, stabilized and dustless surface and shall be provided with adequate drainage. There shall be adequate bumper guards or curbing where needed to prevent damage to buildings and landscaped or lawn areas.
      (1)   In the area bordered by Liberty Street, Harbor Street, State Street and Mill Street, all parking areas, access drives and maneuvering areas shall consist of either concrete or asphalt surfaces. Owners of such parcels shall have a period not to exceed two years from the date of completion of new construction or expansion to comply with this section.
   (b)   Lighting.
            (1)    For one, two and three-family dwellings, when provided, lighting shall be arranged, shielded and directed to limit exposure to adjacent residences.
            (2)    For institutional, multi-family, business and industrial uses, parking shall be provided with adequate lighting while parking is in use. Any outdoor lighting fixture used to illuminate an off-street parking area shall be full cut-off type fixtures, except for decorative light fixtures (See Figure 1) and shall be shaded or diffused so as to reflect the light away from the adjoining property and away from abutting traffic.
      Figure 1
   (c)   Location and Buffer Requirements.
            (1)    Required parking spaces for one to three-family or multi-family residential buildings shall not be provided in a front yard. If parking is provided in a side yard, it shall be located a minimum of three feet from the side lot line. For one to three-family houses temporary incidental parking may be located in a front yard access drive; however, permanent parking spaces shall not be installed in front of a required setback building line as established in Chapter 1133 or on the official zoning map.
            (2)    Parking spaces for conditional uses in a residential district shall conform to plans approved in the conditional use approval process described in Chapter 1134.
            (3)    The location of all parking spaces/parking lots shall comply with setback requirements, landscaped buffer requirements, and other provisions of the district in which the parking lot is located.
   (d)   Landscaping on the Interior of Parking Lots. Landscaped islands shall be provided in the interior of parking lots in accordance with the following requirements:
            (1)    Landscaped islands shall be a minimum of 100 square feet in area with a minimum width of five feet and shall be curbed.
         (Ord. 14-18. Passed 11-26-18.)