1501.01 ADOPTION.
   (a)   Pursuant to the provisions of Ohio R.C 731.231, the Municipality hereby adopts the Ohio Fire Code (OFC) as originally adopted in 1985 by the Ohio Division of State Fire Marshall, Department of Commerce, such Code to be effective April 1, 1988 and as amended from time-to-time and as such Code is published in Division 1301:7 of the Ohio Administrative Code as amended, and as such Fire Code and all of its standards, references, supplementary appendixes, and adopted codes are amended to this date.
   (b)   Where the Ohio Fire Code and its adopted standards, reference, and codes set forth no standard for a particular use or situation, the applicable National Fire Code reference, standard or criteria is hereby approved.
   (c)   All subsequently adopted technical amendments, authorizations, and deletions or other changes in the standards, rules and regulations contained in any code references or regulations, incorporated herein by reference shall for the purposes of the enforcement of this Code be considered to be adopted as if by ordinance duly enacted by City Council unless expressly stated otherwise in this Code. All such amendments adopted after the effective date of this Code shall be controlled by and subject to the provisions contained in Section 1501.04 of this Code entitled "Appeals". (Ord. 06-13. Passed 1-14-13.)