General Provisions
   53.01   Definitions
Responsibility of Department
   53.10   Gas Department
   53.11   Responsibility of Twin Town Power and Gas Board
   53.12   Rules and regulations
Regulation of Gas Service
   53.20   General
   53.21   Service agreements
   53.22   Billing and deposits
   53.23   Priority of regulations
   53.24   Special service contract
Connection and Installation of System
   53.30   Connection to system
   53.31   Unauthorized connection prohibited
   53.32   Unauthorized connection; recovery of user charges
   53.33   Main lines installation
   53.34   Service lines; installation and fitter certification
   53.35   Excavations for service
   53.36   Extension and installation; conformance with rules and regulations
   53.37   Customer responsibility
   53.38   Relocation of Department facilities at customer's request
Gas Meters and Regulations
   53.50   Supplying and taking of service
   53.51   Multiple meter loops; marking required
   53.52   Master meters
   53.53   Unlawful acts
   53.54   Evidence of violations
   53.55   Interruption of service on account of tampering, bypassing or unauthorized metering
   53.56   Reconnection charges for tampering, bypassing or unauthorized metering
Control and Protection of Gas System
   53.70   Unlawful to damage system
   53.71   Prosecution and restitution
   53.72   Disconnection for unsafe condition
   53.73   Liability of town; exclusion of
   53.99   Penalty