General Provisions
   153.001   Name
   153.002   Purpose
   153.003   Definitions
   153.004   Rules of construction
   153.005   Scope and interpretation
   153.006   Lot provisions
   153.007   Nonconforming uses and structures
   153.008   Home occupations
   153.009   Single-family dwelling requirements
   153.010   Temporary dwellings
   153.011   Street access required
   153.012   Driveway and parking lot improvements
   153.013   Public utilities required
   153.014   Abandoned vehicles
   153.015   Relocated buildings or structures
   153.016   Accessory structures
   153.017   Site plan review required
   153.018   Structure setback provisions
Zoning Districts/Use Regulations
   153.030   Establishment of districts
   153.031   Zoning map
   153.032   Interpretation of the zoning map
   153.033   A Agriculture
   153.034   R-1 Single-family Detached Residential District
   153.035   R-2 Single-family Attached Residential District
   153.036   R-3 Multiple-family Residential District
   153.037   PUD Planned Unit Development
   153.038   C-1 Convenience Commercial District
   153.039   C-2 Central Business District
   153.040   C-3 General Commercial District
   153.041   I-1 Industrial Park District
   153.042   P/I Public/Industrial District
   153.043   Dimensional standards
   153.044   Parking requirements
   153.045   DO Downtown Overlay District
   153.046   SL Shoreland Overlay District
   153.047   Temporary Family Health Care Dwellings opt out
Performance Standards
   153.060   On-site sewage treatment standards
   153.061   Odors and emissions
   153.062   Dust and particulates
   153.063   Noise and vibrations
   153.064   Glare
   153.065   Waste
   153.066   Explosives
   153.067   Burning
   153.068   Bulk storage
   153.069   Outside storage
   153.070   Surface water management
   153.071   Wetland protection and management
   153.072   Woodland preservation
   153.073   Erosion and sedimentation control
   153.074   Seasonal mineral extraction
   153.075   Landscaping
   153.076   Fencing
   153.077   Sign regulations
Administration and Enforcement
   153.090   Variances
   153.091   Amendments, procedure
   153.092   Interim uses
   153.093   Fees and licensing
   153.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:     Privacy fence location
   Appendix B:     Decorative fences
   Appendix C:     Zoning map
   Appendix D:     Public hearing application form
   Appendix E:     The Village at Cologne PUD
   Appendix F:     Front elevation requirements
   Appendix G:     The Village Market PUD standards
Editors’ note:
   This chapter incorporates amendments from the following ordinances: 150A, 150B, 150C, 150 D, 150E, 150F, 150G, 150H, 150I, 150J, 150K, 150L, 150M, 150N, and 150O. The final update was made in March 2007.