For the purposes of this title, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them by this section:
ALLEY: A public right of way primarily designed to serve as secondary vehicular access to the back or side of lots which have principal access on a platted street.
AREA: Shall be the total square footage of land within a lot of a subdivision.
BLOCK: A tract of land divided into lots bounded by streets and/or alleys.
BOND: Any form of security, including a cash deposit, surety bond, collateral, property or instrument of credit in an amount and form satisfactory to the governing body.
BOUNDARY LINE ADJUSTMENT: Modification of the size or alignment of adjacent parcels through relocation of their common boundary where an additional parcel is not created, and where the existing parcel which is being reduced in size is not reduced below the minimum lot size established by the zone which applies to the property, nor is any zone violation caused by moving the boundary.
CITY: The city of Cody.
COMMISSION: The city of Cody planning and zoning commission.
CONCEPTUAL PLAN: A sketch or drawing showing the location of the proposed subdivision, any zoning changes required, explanation of why the subdivision is to be done, and the proposed use of the subdivided lands.
COUNCIL: The city council for the city of Cody.
CUL-DE-SAC: A street having only one outlet and having one appropriate terminal for the safe and convenient reversal of traffic movement.
EASEMENT: Any strip of land created by the subdivider for public or private utilities, drainage, sanitation or other specific uses having limitations, the title of which shall remain in the name of the property owner.
FLAG LOT: Any lot which has less than fifty feet (50') of fee simple frontage on a public right of way, unless part of a planned unit development. Flag lots shall not be allowed in the development of subdivisions and minor subdivisions.
FLOODPLAIN: That area along a stream, river, or other natural waterway that is subject to potential flooding and extreme water table fluctuation on a seasonal basis.
FRONT LOT: That side of a lot abutting on a street and ordinarily regarded as the front of the lot. In the case of a corner lot, the front shall be the same as the adjacent interior lot fronts.
IMPROVEMENTS: Shall be any street paving or resurfacing, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, water lines, water service lines, sewer lines, sewer service lines, storm drains, streetlights, flood control and drainage facilities, utility lines, landscaping and other related matters normally associated with the development of raw lands into building sites.
LOT: A piece or parcel of land, or assemblage of contiguous parcels of land, as established by survey, plat or deed, occupied by a single principal building or principal use and accessory building, or uses thereto, having limited fixed boundaries, an assigned number, letter or other name through which it may be identified, together with such open spaces as are required by city ordinances and having frontage on a dedicated public or private street.
  Corner Lot: A lot located at the intersection of two (2) or more streets. A lot abutting on a curved street or streets shall be considered a corner lot if the total central angle of that portion of the curve abutting the lot is greater than seventy five degrees (75°).
  Double Frontage Lot: Any lot other than a corner lot which has frontage on more than one dedicated public street.
  Interior Lot: Any lot with only one frontage on a street.
MASTER PLANS: Shall be any plans for the orderly future development of lands, streets, water, sewer, storm sewer and all other utilities for public use that have been approved by the Cody city council.
MINOR SUBDIVISION: Any subdivision that the planning, zoning and adjustment board has determined shall facilitate isolated in-fill development within municipal boundaries and either: a) revises the plat affecting not more than five (5) lots previously created by said plat; or b) creates five (5) or fewer lots without requiring the creation of any new streets or the extension of water and sewer utilities or any new public improvements. The intent of this chapter in defining minor subdivisions as a specific category is to facilitate isolated in-fill within the municipal boundaries. Approval of a minor subdivision shall rest upon finding by the city of Cody planning, zoning and adjustment board, as demonstrated by the applicant for a minor subdivision, that the intent of city regulations is achieved.
MONUMENTS: Any permanent concrete, metal or government survey marker used to establish definite lines of the plat of a subdivision, including all lot corners, boundary line corners, and all points of change in street alignment.
OPEN SPACES: An open space to the sky which may be on the same lot with a building. The area may include, along with natural environmental features, swimming pools, tennis courts and other recreational facilities that the commission and council deem permissive. Streets, alleys and utility easements shall not be included.
PARKS: Any lot, group of lots, or tract, within the subdivision, dedicated to the city by the subdivider for public use to meet the open space requirement of the final plat.
PLAT: A map or layout of a proposed subdivision indicating the location and boundaries of individual properties.
  Final Plat: The final map or drawing, described in these regulations, upon which the subdivider's plan of the subdivision is shown and presented to the commission and council for approval, and which, if approved, will be submitted to the county clerk for recording.
  Preliminary Plat: The preliminary drawing or drawings, described in these regulations indicating the proposed layout of the subdivision lots and utilities to be submitted to the commission and council for approval.
RIGHT OF WAY: A strip of land occupied or intended to be occupied by a street, crosswalk, railroad, road, electric transmission line, oil or gas pipeline, water main, sanitary or storm sewer main, shade trees, or for another special use. The usage of the term "right of way" for land platting purposes shall mean that every right of way hereafter established and shown on a final plat is to be separate and distinct from the lots or parcels adjoining such right of way and not included within the dimensions or areas of such lots or parcels. Rights of way intended for streets, crosswalks, water mains, sanitary sewers, storm drains, shade trees, or any other use involving maintenance by a public agency, shall be dedicated to public use by the developer on the plat on which such right of way is established.
STREET: Shall be a way of vehicular travel, dedicated for public use by the subdivider, developed to the dimensions and standards as established within the city master street plan. Streets shall be designed in accordance with accepted engineering practices with the minimum cross section being as shown on the city of Cody standard construction detail sheet.
  Arterial Streets: Major two (2) or four (4) lane travelways designed for the continuous flow of a large quantity of vehicles. The typical section shall be as shown in the master street plan.
  Collector Streets: Major travelways other than arterial streets designed to gather or collect traffic from residential areas. The typical section shall be as shown on the master street plan.
  Marginal Streets: Minimal flow residential travelways usually terminating with a cul-de-sac. Development of marginal streets by a subdivider will be actively opposed but may be permitted under extreme conditions. The typical section shall be as shown in the master street plan.
  Residential Streets: Travelways designed to carry the traffic and meet the parking needs of residential areas. The typical section shall be as shown in the master street plan.
SUBDIVIDER: Any person, firm, partnership, joint venture, association or corporation participating as an owner, in the planning, platting, development, promotions, sale or lease of a subdivision.
SUBDIVISION: The division of any lot, tract or parcel of land, as described in section 11-1-2 of this chapter.
UTILITIES: Services or products provided to a landowner by the city or a company for the benefit of the landowner, such as natural gas, treated or raw water, sanitary and storm sewer, telephone, cable television, etc.
VICINITY MAP: A drawing located on the plat or plan which sets forth by dimensions or other means, the relationship of the proposed subdivision to other nearby developments or landmarks and community facilities to better locate and orient the proposed subdivision.
WHOLE LEGAL SUBDIVISION: Shall be defined as being any one of the following parcels of land:
A. Any numbered fractional lot or nominal forty (40) acre aliquot part of a section of land as described under the original government survey or the government resurvey in accordance with the United States sectionalized land system;
B. Any numbered homestead entry survey;
C. Any numbered mineral survey. (Ord. 89-12; amd. Ord. 98-1; Ord. 2004-06, 7-6-2004; Ord. 2015-03, 5-5-2015)