(a)    An application for approval of the final plat shall be submitted to the Planning Commission no later than fourteen days prior to the Planning Commission's next meeting, on administrative forms provided by the City, together with eight copies of the final plat map and four copies of construction drawings including cover sheet, grading and drainage plans and street and utility improvement plans, and two copies of performance bond cost estimates.
   (b)    The final plat shall be prepared and certified by a registered surveyor; the construction drawings shall be prepared and certified by a registered engineer.
   (c)    Prior to initiating construction of the required public improvements, the subdivider shall enter into a subdivider's agreement with Council. Prior to recording the approved final plat in the County recorder's office, the subdivider shall post a performance bond. The administrative procedure for posting this performance bond is specified in Section 1121.06.
   (d)    Following application for approval of the final plat, the Planning Commission shall act on the final plat within thirty days after its official filing date. The official filing date shall be considered to be the day upon which the final plat is received by the Planning Commission at a formal Commission meeting.
   (e)    The Planning Commission shall review the final plat for conformance with the preliminary plat and all other requirements specified in the Subdivision Regulations, and if the plat is found to meet such requirements, shall approve the plat and recommend its approval and the acceptance of improvements by Council. Before the Planning Commission can approve the final plat and recommend its acceptance by Council, assurances will have to be provided by the subdivider that the provisions of Chapters 1109 and 1113 have been adhered to regarding improvements. Such assurances as will be required shall take the form of approval forms supplied by the City and certified by the City Manager, Service Director, and such other officials as is deemed necessary by the Planning Commission in order to assure proper adherence to these Regulations. The provisions of Sections 1105.05 and 1105.06 must be completed to warrant approval of the final plat by the Planning Commission. Within thirty days after receipt of the final plat from the Planning Commission, and all required items for submission with the final plat, Council shall approve or disapprove the plat.
(Ord. 1974-99. Passed 10-22-74.)