(a)    Together with the final plat, the subdivider shall submit to the Planning Commission four copies of the complete set of construction drawings for the public improvements required in Chapter 1113. These construction drawings shall include a cover sheet, street and utility improvement plans, and grading and drainage plans for the subdivision. In addition, the subdivider shall be required to submit the following:
      (1)    A cost estimate of all public improvements, including all walks, curbs and gutters, pavements, roadway excavation and street signs; storm sewers, sanitary sewers, water mains and their appurtenances; plat and lot corner markers.
(2)    Storm drainage calculations and drainage area map showing individual and cumulative drainage areas tributary to each point of concentration.
   (b)    Following the City's formal approval of the final plat and accompanying construction drawings, the subdivider shall be required to submit one reproducible copy of those construction drawings. Once the developer has constructed the required water and sanitary sewer facilities, he shall be required to submit to the City a set of reproducible prints showing the "as-built" locations of the water and sanitary sewer facilities.
   (c)    The construction drawings shall consist of the following items:
      (1)    Cover sheet. The cover sheet shall include thereon a plat at 1 inch equals 100 feet of the plat showing street right of way and lot layout, street names, lot numbers, utility layouts for the storm drainage system, sanitary sewerage system and water distribution system including sizes, span length and appurtenances locations; vicinity map; plat name or title; and required signature approval blocks.
(2)    Street and utility improvement plans. The street and utility improvement plans shall consist of plan and profile drainage to the scale of 1 inch equals 40 feet horizontally and 1 inch equals 6 feet vertically. The plan portion of the streets shall include in sufficient detail the location of all streets, lots and storm drainage, sanitary sewerage, and water distribution systems. The profiles shall show the existing and proposed street profiles and profiles of all sanitary sewer and storm improvement. Details of standard street sections and miscellaneous construction items shall appear on the sheets as well as any construction notes pertaining to the proposed improvements.
(3)    Grading and drainage plans. These grading and drainage plans shall be drawn at a scale of 1 inch equals 40 feet and shall show the existing topography (contours) and the proposed street and lot layout, including dimensions. Proposed grading shall be shown by either proposed contour lines or sufficient spot elevations and drainage direction arrows. In either case, proposed elevations shall be shown at all lot corners. Storm drainage lines and structures shall be indicated including all pertinent elevations. Storm drainage computations shall be supplied to the City Manager.
         (Ord. 1974-99. Passed 10-22-74.)