The final plat shall be drawn at a scale not less than 100 feet to the inch on sheets 24 inches by 36 inches in size. The final plat original drawing shall be drawn on new linen tracing cloth with waterproof black India ink with the scale of the plat, the north point of the sheet, and the number of the sheets clearly depicted on each map sheet. When more than one sheet is involved, the relation of each sheet to the remaining sheets shall be shown diagrammatically. The final plat shall contain and/or include the following items:
   (a)    Name and location of subdivision including township, range and section numbers.
   (b)    Adjoining recorded subdivision plats with name and recorded plat book number and pages and adjoining unplatted land with owner's name and deed book and page.
   (c)    Accurate locations of all existing and recorded streets intersecting the boundaries of the tract shall be shown.
   (d)    Accurate distances and directions to the nearest established intersection of street centerlines or section corner shall be shown. Reference corners shall be accurately described on the final plat.
   (e)    A closed boundary indicating an accurate survey shall be indicated by dimensions and bearings.
   (f)    Location of all monuments and lot markers.
   (g)    All dimensions shall be shown in feet and hundredths of a foot.
   (h)    Total area within the final plat shall be indicated to the nearest 1/1000 of an acre and if more than one original tract is involved, the areas of individual tracts shall be indicated.
   (i)    Consecutive plat numbers to identify each lot or site.
   (j)    Building setback or front yard lines and dimensions.
   (k)    Purpose and accurate outline of sites, other than residential lots, which will be dedicated or reserved for public or nonpublic purposes.
   (l)    Right-of-way lines, widths and names of streets, easements and other rights of way, and property lines of lots and other tracts, with accurate dimensions, bearings and curve data, including radii, arcs and chords, lengths of tangents and central angles.
   (m)    Witnessed and notarized signatures of owners and mortgagees indicating the required dedication of streets and other public areas.
   (n)    Location, dimensions and purposes of any easement.
   (o)    All covenants and restrictions which will run with the land.
   (p)    Certification by a registered surveyor to the effect that the plat represents a survey made by him and that the monuments shown thereon exist as located and that all dimensional details are correct.
   (q)    Certification by the City Manager that any zoning map and/or text changes involved have been approved and are in effect.
   (r)    Certification by the Planning Commission, Council and Clerk that the final plat has been formally approved by the City.
      (Ord. 1974-99. Passed 10-22-74.)