(a)    The Subdivision Regulations shall be applicable to all subdivisions of land within the corporate limits of the City and shall supplement any and all laws of the State of Ohio, ordinances of the City, or any and all rules and regulations promulgated by authority of such law or ordinance relating to the purpose and scope of these Regulations.
   (b)    The City may exercise extra-territorial jurisdiction with respect to the Subdivision Regulations over all land area up to three miles outside the City's corporate limits, except where such extra-territorial jurisdiction overlaps the extra-territorial jurisdiction of an adjacent municipality; in which case, the City's authority shall extend only over those subdivision lands which are closer to the City's corporate boundaries than to the adjacent municipality's corporate limits. This extra-territorial jurisdiction may be exercised by the City, provided that the City certify its formally adopted official thoroughfare plan to the Sandusky County Board of County Commissioners.
   (c)    Whenever the requirements of these Regulations are at variance with requirements of any other lawfully adopted rules, regulations, ordinances or resolutions, the most restrictive or that imposing the higher standards shall govern except as provided in Sections 1113.10 and 1113.11. These Regulations shall take effect at the earliest time prescribed by law following adoption by Council of the City.
   (d)    Any subdivision which has received final approval by the Planning Commission prior to the adoption of these Regulations shall be considered an approved final subdivision. If the approved final subdivision plat is not recorded within ninety days after the date of the Commission's approval, this approval shall be termed null and void. In the event a plat is considered invalid, such plat shall then be resubmitted as a preliminary plat and shall meet all requirements of these Regulations.
(Ord. 1974-99. Passed 10-22-74.)