(A)   (1)   Any person desiring any permit provided for in § 112.03 shall pay to the City Clerk-Treasurer the fee provided for in § 112.05; at which time, the applicant shall specify the type of permit and the length of time desired. The Clerk-Treasurer shall then issue to the applicant the permit applied for and paid for.
      (2)   Such permit shall state type of permit and length of time.
   (B)   A sticker will be given to be placed on all mechanical devices along with the permit.
   (C)   The holder of such permit shall exhibit the same upon request from the proper authorities of the city; and upon the refusal of the said holder to do so he or she shall then be cited in City Court for said violation.
(1989 Code, § 112.04)  (Ord. 7-1984, passed 8-13-1984)  Penalty, see § 112.99