(A)   School sites.
      (1)   When a subdivision plat is submitted for approval, in which, according to the land use or land development plan, a school site should be reserved, the Planning Director shall notify the County Board of Education that the subdivision has been submitted for approval, and that under this chapter, a school site may be reserved therein.
      (2)   In reviewing the subdivision and giving approval the Planning Director shall consult the Board of Education in determining the exact size and location of any school site to be reserved therein.
      (3)   Before the final plat of the subdivision is approved, the Board of Education shall determine whether or not it wishes to have a school site reserved in the subdivision. If the Board of Education does wish to have a school site reserved in the subdivision, the subdivision as finally approved shall reserve a school site of a size and location agreeable to the Board of Education and to the Planning Board. The Board of Education shall then have 18 months, beginning on the date of the final approval of the subdivision, within which to acquire the site. If the Board of Education has not purchased or begun proceedings to acquire the site within 18 months after the subdivision is finally approved, the applicant may proceed to dispose of it in accordance with the subdivision procedure and provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   Recreation and open space. The minimum recreation and open space requirements for conventional and open space residential subdivisions are set forth in § 155.203(H).
(Ord. 2005-11-02, passed 11-21-05)