(A)   This subchapter shall apply to all development within the town's planning jurisdiction, unless expressly exempted by the language of the sections below.
   (B)   Prior to approval of a final plat for the subdivision of land, the applicant shall have installed improvements specified in this subchapter or guaranteed their installation as provided.
   (C)   In accordance with section § 51.03(G), no water or sewer service shall be provided to any property outside of the municipal limits of the town, except upon compliance with one of the following:
      (1)   If the property is contiguous to the municipal limits of the town, the property owners shall immediately petition for and obtain annexation of the property into the municipal limits of the town.
      (2)   If the property is not then contiguous to the municipal limits of the town, the property owners shall enter into a written agreement with the town for the voluntary annexation thereof at such future date as said property desires to begin construction activities pursuant to any Town-approved development entitlement..
      (3)   The Town Council may negotiate terms for voluntary annexation of major industrial or commercial tracts which require water and/or sewer system extensions.
   (D)   The appropriate water and sewer system development fees in accordance with § 50.02 of the Town Code of Ordinances, which addresses the water and sewer extension policy.
(Ord. 2005-11-02, passed 11-21-05; Am. Ord. 2019-04-03, passed 4-1-19; Am. Ord. 2019-05-01, passed 5-6-19; Am. Ord. 2021-02-02, passed 2-15-21)