Street improvements for all streets which shall be included in the property owners' petition filed pursuant to § 99.050, the total cost of which shall be assessed against the abutting property owners, shall include the following:
   (A)   Storm sewer drainage facilities, including drainage pipe 30 inches or less in diameter, inlets, and other necessary incidentals as may be required by town specifications.
   (B)   Curb and gutter as required by town specifications.
   (C)   Grading for a width of 30 feet on those streets which were opened prior to January 20, 1969, and which need to be graded prior to surfacing.
   (D)   Base course material for a width of 30 feet, if the existing base course is not adequate in accord- ance with town specifications.
   (E)   Street surfacing according to town specific- ations for a width of 32 feet.
('71 Code, § 13-78)