As a part of the town’s monthly solid waste fee, the town shall collect yard waste placed curbside in accordance with this subchapter each week.
   (A)   Limbs up to four inches in diameter are limited to six feet in length. Limbs greater than four inches in diameter but less than 10 inches in diameter shall be collected only if cut into lengths of two feet or less. Limbs greater than 10 inches in diameter will not be collected. Limbs shall be stacked neatly behind the curb with all sawed ends facing the street.
      (1)   Piles of limbs and other yard waste placed curb-side for collection shall be no greater than six feet in depth from the curb to the back of the pile, no greater than three feet high, and no greater than six feet wide.
      (2)   Piles of limbs meeting the specified dimensions will be collected under the base collection fee.
         (a)   Limbs exceeding the specified dimensions (size) in § 96.04(A) above will not be collected and shall be considered in violation of this subchapter.
         (b)   A volume of limbs greater than the size specified in § 96.04(A)(1) above shall be subject to a special collection fee.
         (c)   In the event of force majeure, the Town Council may act to suspend special collection fees associated with limb collection for a specified time period.
   (B)   (1)   Except as specified in § 96.04(C) below, yard waste (other than limbs but including leaves, grass clippings, pine straw, shrubbery, shrubbery clippings, other small natural waste materials) shall be containerized in clear plastic bags, boxes, or other plastic/metal containers (no greater than 50 gallons each) and shall be placed curbside for collection once per week. Standard yard waste collection service shall be included as part of the monthly solid waste fee.
      (2)   Special collection fees shall be assessed for collection of all yard waste exceeding the dimensional standards established by this subchapter. In the event of force majeure, the Town Council may act to suspend special collection charges for a specified time period.
   (C)   Each year the town shall publish a schedule for the collection of loose leaves on the town’s website. During loose leaf collection residents are relieved of the responsibility for containerizing leaves and may place leaves in the area generally located between the edge of the street and the sidewalk or ditch (not in the gutter or drainage ditch).
      (1)   Leaves shall be free of sticks, limbs, rocks, soil and other debris. If leaves are mixed with other debris, they will not be collected. Mixed piles of debris and leaves must be separated before collection.
      (2)   Customers who containerize leaves can expect their leaves to be collected on the scheduled yard waste collection day each week.
      (3)   Loose leaf collection shall not follow a set daily schedule except that each residence shall receive one time per week, loose leaf collection during the defined season. The defined season shall be provided on the town’s website.
   (D)   It is the responsibility of each customer to place yard waste so that it does not interfere with vehicular traffic on the street or pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk. Any customer found in violation of this requirement may be subject to assessments or fines by the town.
   (E)   The town shall not collect any building construction materials left by a contractor. It shall be the sole responsibility of said contractor to properly dispose of these waste materials.
   (F)   The town will not collect trees, stumps, limbs and general debris related to land-clearing operations. It is the sole responsibility of the contractor and/or owner to properly dispose of said materials.
   (G)   The town will not collect tree cuttings related to the work completed by a tree care professional (i.e., tree surgeon, tree trimmer and the like) hired by a residential customer, unless the cuttings comply with all requirements set forth in § 96.04(A).
(Ord. passed 8-17-87; Am. Ord. passed 10-7-91; Am. Ord. passed 8-16-93; Am. Ord. passed 4-15-96; Am. Ord. 2014-12-03, passed 12-1-14) Penalty, see § 10.99