(A)   The owner at a property where any containment assembly has been installed, except those with devices installed in accordance with § 53.09(A) of this code, shall have each containment assembly tested by a certified tester and pursuant to the Town of Clayton Cross Connection Handbook; shall cause any routine maintenance to such containment assembly to be performed as recommended by the manufacturer; and shall cause a report regarding that operational test to be submitted to the town pursuant to § 53.15(B) no later than 15 days following any testing event.
   (B)   Testing must be performed with equipment approved by the Town of Clayton. The owner shall cause such maintenance or repairs to be made, rendering the containment assembly fully operational. Failure of the owner to perform that testing and maintenance shall be cause for the premises to be deemed an immediate public health hazard. The Town of Clayton Public Works and Utilities Director may immediately thereafter discontinue public water supply service to that premises and service shall not be restored until all containment assemblies have been tested and the test demonstrates that the assemblies are fully operational. Where the use of water is critical to the continuance of normal operations or protection of life, property, or equipment a bypass shall be installed to maintain service. The bypass will need to be protected with the same degree of hazard. Bypass containment assemblies shall be provided by the owner to avoid the necessity of discontinuing water service to test or repair the containment assembly or assemblies.
   (C)   Any certified tester who performs an operational test on any containment assembly connected to the town's public water supply shall file a report regarding the results of that operational test using the town's designated electronic reporting system managed by the currently contracted vendor as published at www.Townofclaytonnc.org. Certified testers shall supply all testing information required by the designated electronic reporting system to included but not limited to test values for containment assembly, size, make, model, serial number and location of containment assembly, name and address of owner as recorded on notice, premise number for fire services, meter number for domestic and irrigation services, and for containment assemblies on private distribution and fire sprinkler systems. The fee for any report filed using the electronic reporting system shall paid at the time of testing. In addition, certified testers shall comply with all requirements of this code and the Town of Clayton Cross Connection Handbook.
(Ord. passed 3-20-95; Am. Ord. 2020-01-06, passed 1-21-20)