§ 90.14  EXCEPTIONS.
   (A)   Nothing in this chapter shall apply to any vehicle which is located in a bona fide "automobile graveyard" or "junkyard" as defined in G.S. § 136-143, in accordance with the "Junkyard Control Act", G.S. § 136-141, et seq.; which is in an enclosed building; which is on the premises of a business enterprise being operated in a lawful place and manner if the vehicle is necessary to the operation of the enterprise; or which is in an appropriate storage place or depository maintained in a lawful place and manner by the town.
   (B)   A vehicle classified as an antique may be exempted, provided that the owner can show that said vehicle is in an active state of restoration and the vehicle does not violate any other provision of this chapter. For the purpose of this section an ANTIQUE VEHICLE shall be a vehicle which is at least 35 years old. Regardless of age or classification, all vehicles shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter.
(Ord. passed 5-21-90)