The following standards shall apply to all permitted uses, conditional uses and special uses, as set forth in the Use Regulations Table (Table 2-1 § 155.202(B)). Additional design considerations may be outlined in the Clayton General Design Guidelines.
   (A)   Agriculture, Livestock.  The breeding, raising and caring for domestic animals including horses.
      (1)   Property used for livestock shall be a minimum of five acres in size.
      (2)   All accessory uses and structures, such as troughs, feed mechanisms and storage, shall be setback a minimum of 100 feet from any property line.
      (3)   The maximum number of large animals permitted for each acre shall not exceed five. Large animals shall include horses, swine, cattle, goats, and sheep. An enclosed structure with one stall for each large animal is required when the total number of large animals exceeds three per acre.
      (4)   The maximum number of small animals permitted for each acre shall not exceed 100. Small animals shall include rabbits and fowl, excluding peafowl. Small animals shall be permitted in addition to large animals.
      (5)   The use shall assure that there is no incompatibility with surrounding land uses. In the event that an incompatibility exists, the applicant shall satisfactorily mitigate the incompatibility prior to receiving final approval.
   (B)   Agriculture, Sales and Service.  An establishment primarily engaged in the sale or rental of farm tools, small implements and farming equipment such as pickers, mowers, livestock, feed, grain, tack, riding attire, animal care products, and farm supplies. All storage areas for agricultural sales and service uses shall be enclosed or completely screened from view.
   (C)   Nursery.  The sale of horticultural specialties such as flowers, shrubs, sod, trees, mulch and accessory hardscape materials such as decorative stones intended for ornamental or landscaping purposes.
(Ord. 2012-04-03, passed 4-2-12; Am. Ord. 2012-12-03, passed 12-3-12)