(a)   Application for a Certificate of Use and Occupancy shall be submitted in writing, on forms provided, to the Code Office and shall contain at least the following information: (A fillable application can be obtained on the City web site)   
      (1)   Site Location Map and Parcel Number
      (2)   Tenant or Business Name;
      (3)   The postal address of the rental unit;
      (4)   Owner of the lot, parcel or building;
      (5)   Property Owner Name and Address and contact phone number;
      (6)   Property Manager or Designated Agent and Contact Agent including a contact phone number if applicable;
      (7)   Type of Building (Residential or Commercial)  and Zone Designation;
      (8)   Square Footage of Rental Area;
      (9)   Number of Stories of the Rental Unit;
      (10)   Number of Rooms of the Rental Unit;
      (11)   Apartment Number if Applicable;
      (12)   Is There A Basement;
      (13)   Is there existing off street parking;
   (b)   It shall be unlawful for an owner of premises, either as a person, business entity, or other within the City to offer for use, or occupy or authorize the use or occupancy of a vacant structure, a structure becoming vacant, or a structure newly constructed, or a unit becoming vacant in a structure having multiple units, without first obtaining a Certificate of Use and Occupancy from the Code Enforcement Office or its authorized representative. This Article will be deemed satisfied if the property has been registered, inspected and a Certificate of Use and Occupancy has been obtained within the guidelines and timelines of the Rental Registration Ordinances. 
(Ord. 17-16.  Passed 10-19-17.)