1767.01  PURPOSE
   (a)   The City has determined that illegal possession, delivery, storage or trafficking in controlled substance or other drug activities and illicit activities such as prostitution, and gang related activities are occurring more often in rental properties. 
   (b)   The City also has determined that identifying all properties being offered for rent will enable the Code Office and the Police Department to be more efficient in identifying problem areas related to illicit activity and public nuisances and aid in repairing and rehabilitating blighted neighborhoods.
   (c)   The purpose of this article is to promote health and safety standards for rental housing and to secure and preserve the integrity and esthetic character of residential districts within the City. These standards relate to the condition, maintenance, legal activities and occupancy of rental dwelling units and are intended to insure life and health safety, sanitation and habitability and lawful conduct of all rental units are in accordance with applicable provisions of the current adopted State Building Code, the City Property Maintenance Standards, the Codified Ordinances of the City of Clarksburg and State Law. All property owners engaged in the renting of structures as defined herein, must also comply with all permitting, licensing and taxation laws of the City Ordinances and the State of West Virginia Tax Department Business Registration.   
(Ord. 17-16.  Passed 10-19-17.)