Each utility subjected to regulation by the West Virginia Public Service Commission, or that has been granted a franchise to operate within the City including, for example but not limited to, First Energy, Dominion-Hope, Frontier Communications, Time-Warner Cable and the Clarksburg Water Board, shall, before excavating or performing any work or maintenance within any City street, alley or right of way, annually obtain a flat fee excavation permit. The fee for such permit shall be six thousand dollars ($6,000.00).
(Ord. 16-18. Passed 5-5-16.)
CHAPTER FIVE - Supplemental Regulations
Art. 1730. Vacant Building Registration Program.
Art. 1732. Maintenance of Vacant and Foreclosed Residential Properties.
Art. 1747. Flood Control.
Art. 1767. Rental Housing Registration Program.
Art. 1779. Weeds. (Repealed)