Each utility subjected to regulation by the West Virginia Public Service Commission, or that has been granted a franchise to operate within the City including, for example but not limited to, First Energy, Dominion-Hope, Frontier Communications, Time-Warner Cable and the Clarksburg Water Board, shall, before excavating or performing any work or maintenance within any City street, alley or right of way, annually obtain a flat fee excavation permit.  The fee for such permit shall be six thousand dollars ($6,000.00).
(Ord. 16-18.  Passed 5-5-16.)
CHAPTER FIVE - Supplemental Regulations
Art. 1730Vacant Building Registration Program.
Art. 1732.  Maintenance of Vacant and Foreclosed Residential Properties.
Art. 1747.  Flood Control.
Art. 1767.  Rental Housing Registration Program.
Art. 1779.  Weeds.  (Repealed)