CHAPTER THREE - Zoning Districts and Regulations
Art. 1315.   Zoning Map and Districts Established.
Art. 1319.   General Regulation and Interpretation.
Art. 1323.   Residential Districts and Uses.
Art. 1324.   Home Occupation Uses.
Art. 1327.   Business Districts and Uses.
Art. 1331.   Industrial Districts and Uses.
Art. 1335.   Supplementary Regulations.
Art. 1335A   Signs.   
Art. 1335B   Landscaping.   
Art. 1337.      Shade Tree Commission.
Art. 1339.   Special Exceptions.
Art. 1340.   Wireless Telecommunications Facilities.
Art. 1343.   Nonconforming Uses.
Art. 1344.   Historic District Overlay Regulations.