(a)    Firearms.  No person shall carry a firearm of any description, air or gas gun, fireworks, explosive, slingshot or missile-throwing device into or within the park or discharge the same therein.
   (b)    Dangerous Weapons. No person shall have or carry any switchblade, hunting knife, dagger, metal knuckles or other dangerous weapon while in the park.
   (c)    Bows and Arrows.  No person shall release an arrow from a bow or longbow within the park other than in areas designated by the Manager at archery ranges or at such other locations as may be designated in writing for such purpose by the Manager.
   (d)    Hunting.  No person within the park shall hunt, pursue with dogs, hunt with birds, trap or in any way molest any wild bird or animal found within the park or rob or molest any bird nest or take the eggs of any bird.
(Ord. 82-9. Passed 6-19-82.)