(a)    Defacement, Destruction, Removal, Etc.  No person shall remove, injure, deface, destroy or disturb any part of the park or any building, sign, equipment or other property found therein, nor shall any tree, flower, shrub or other vegetation or fruit or seed thereof, or rock, or mineral therein, be removed, injured, defaced, destroyed or disturbed.
   (b)    Defacement of Surface.  No person shall operate a motor vehicle causing the rubber tires to spin, mark and deface the park roadway surface.
   (c)    Littering or Dumping of Rubbish or Garbage.  No person, without the written consent of the Manager, shall leave behind or dump any material of any kind in the park, except that refuse, ashes, garbage or other material from a picnic or other permitted activity may be deposited in receptacles or pits provided for such purpose.
   (d)    Noxious or Deleterious Material.  No person shall within the park place or permit to be placed in any river, brook, stream, ditch or drain that flows into or through park lands or in any lake in the park, any noxious or deleterious material which may render park waters harmful or inimical to the public health, or to animal, vegetative or aquatic life, or which may prevent, limit or interfere with the use of such waters for domestic or agricultural purposes or which may lessen to an unreasonable degree the use and enjoyment of such waters for recreational or other park use.
(Ord. 82-9. Passed 6-19-82. )