(a)   Backflow prevention devices shall be tested and inspected at least annually.
   (b)   Periodic testing shall be performed by a West Virginia Board of Public Health certified tester. This testing will be done at the Owner's expense.
   (c)   Any backflow preventer which fails during a periodic test will be repaired or replaced. When repairs are necessary, upon completion of the repair the device will be retested at Owner's expense to insure correct operation. High hazard situations will not be allowed to continue unprotected if the backflow preventer fails the test and cannot be repaired immediately. In other situations, a compliance date of not more than thirty (30) days after the test date will be established. The Owner is responsible for spare parts, repair tools, or a replacement device. Parallel installation of two (2) devices is an effective means of the Owner insuring the uninterrupted water service during the testing or repair of devices and is strongly recommended when the Owner desires such continuity.
   (d)   Backflow prevention devices will be tested more frequently than specified in subsection (a) above, in cases where there is a history of test failures and the Water Purveyor feels that due to the degree of hazard involved, additional testing is warranted. Cost of the additional tests will be borne by the Owner.
(Ord. 04-7.  Passed 5-6-04.)