(a)    The use of the stormwater collection system shall be the collection and transportation of stormwater.
   (b)    No person shall place or cause to be placed any pollutant into the stormwater system other than stormwater, unless written approval has been granted by the Director. The Director may refuse to grant approval to discharge non-stormwater into the stormwater system for any reason or combination of reasons.
   (c)    The Clarksburg Sanitary Board shall administer use of the stormwater system to all users within the City watershed, whether located within or outside City limits.
   (d)    No person shall cause or permit the introduction of any pollutant into the stormwater system, whether solid, liquid or gaseous, that will cause:
      (1)    Chemical reaction, either directly or indirectly with the materials of construction used in the stormwater system or that will impair the strength or durability of sewers or structures;
      (2)    Mechanical action that will destroy or damage sewers or structures;
      (3)    Restriction of the normal maintenance and inspection of sewers;
      (4)    Danger to public health and safety or to the environment;
      (5)    Conditions that create a public nuisance;
      (6)    An oil sheen or unusual color;
      (7)    Abnormal demand on the stormwater system capacity;
      (8)   An adverse effect upon the function of the stormwater system; or, The stormwater system to violate its NPDES permit or applicable receiving water standards and all other Federal, State, and local regulations.
   (e)     Any person or entity engaged in activities which will or may result in pollutants entering the storm drain system shall undertake best management practices to reduce such pollutants. Examples of such activities include, but are not limited to, ownership and/or operation of facilities that may be a source of pollutants, such as paved parking lots, gasoline stations, industrial facilities, and private roads/streets.
   (f)     No person shall throw, deposit, leave, maintain or cause to be thrown, deposited, left or maintained any refuse, rubbish, garbage, grease, petroleum products, or other discarded or abandoned objects, articles and accumulations in or upon any street, alley, sidewalk, storm drain inlet, catch basin, conduit or other drainage structures, parking area, or upon any private or public plot of land so that the same might become a pollutant, except where the pollutant is being temporarily stored in properly contained waste receptacles or is part of a well-defined compost system.
   (g)    No person shall cause or permit any dumpster, solid waste bin, or similar container to leak such that any pollutant is discharged into any street, alley, sidewalk, storm drain, inlet, catch basin, conduit or other drainage structure, or upon any public or private plot of land in the urban watershed.
   (h)     No person shall use the stormwater system for discharge from any environmental cleanup that is regulated under federal or state law unless approved by the Director. Approval by the Director must be conditioned upon the discharge meeting all criteria for discharge under this chapter. Approval conditions may provide for measures appropriate to prevent harm due to possible exfiltration into the ground adjacent to the system or failure of any pretreatment system for the discharge.
   (i)     No person shall alter the configuration or condition of the stormwater system, or create a configuration or condition within the stormwater system, which adversely affects the function of the stormwater system.
   (j)   No person shall purposefully discharge or purposefully cause the discharge of stormwater from their property without the use of an approved connection to the City stormwater system. The intent of this system is to leave natural drainage unregulated, but to regulate any change to the natural drainage caused by manmade actions. Any person found to be in violation of this prohibition shall take appropriate action, subject to the approval of the Director, to stop and to prevent such discharge.
      (1)    If unable to achieve compliance through their own means, such person shall apply and pay for an extension of the City stormwater system to his/her property. In such cases, the work necessary within the private property to collect the stormwater and to connect to the City stormwater system shall be performed by and at the expense of the private party.
      (2)    Any party receiving a warning Notice of Violation and/or an Order from the Director requiring correction of such conditions may appeal as provided in Section 920.29.
         (Ord. 13-13.  Passed 6-6-13.)