In addition to other duties, methods, penalties and procedures that pertain to sidewalks, curbs or driveways recited elsewhere in the Codified Ordinances, the abutting property owner or agent of any house or property within the City, hereinafter referred to as the “adjacent party”, shall construct, grade, or pave sidewalks, curbs or driveways adjoining his/her property. Additionally, an adjacent party shall have the sole and exclusive duty to keep said sidewalks, curbs or driveways in good repair and in a clear and sanitary condition free from dirt and refuse. If said adjacent party breaches said duty, he or she will be liable to those who are injured on the respective sidewalk, curb or driveway within the adjacent party’s care.
   Any adjacent party, before commencing work to construct, grade, pave, repave or repair any sidewalk, curb or driveway within the City, shall first apply to the City Engineer’s office for a building permit therefor, and the City Engineer shall have the right to attach such specifications, plans and grades for the proposed work in the granting of the building permit.
(Ord. 00-15. Passed 11-2-00.)