Any person may file with the City Engineer a petition, duly verified, setting forth the facts and reasons for abandonment and vacation of some street, alley or public way and request that the City abandon and vacate the same. Included with such petition shall be an engineer's plat or map thereof showing the portion of any street, alley or public way proposed to be abandoned, together with the names and addresses of the abutting property owners as verified by the current tax maps to show the ownership and address of the owner of each property parcel. Letters or affidavits of the abutting property owners showing their consent to the abandonment or vacation shall also be attached. In the event these cannot be obtained, the reason for their omission shall be fully indicated in the petition. In addition, the City Engineer shall make his best effort to cause letters to be sent to all property owners within approximately 100 feet of the proposed abandonment or vacation with a request for a reply within thirty days.
   Also, accompanying such petition shall be sufficient information documenting the title of the abutting property owners, including copies of deeds and/or wills and all other information required by the City Engineer's office which would be necessary in order to identify and verify the ownership of the abutting property and the ownership interest of the persons desiring quitclaim deeds and also furnishing sufficient information to the City Engineer and City Attorney for the preparation of such deeds prior thereto as they may require.
   After this thirty-day period as aforesaid and after the City Engineer has determined that the petition, with accompanying documents, is sufficient, he shall file a copy with the City Clerk along with his recommendations.
   The City Engineer shall provide the Clarksburg Water Board and Sanitary Board with written notice of each proposed abandonment with a description of the proposed abandonment area and with the request to such boards that they file any comments thereto within thirty days. (Ord 86-22. Passed 6-11-86.)