No person shall keep or cause to be kept on premises owned by him or under or subject to his control, any kind of domestic fowl or pigeons within thirty feet of any structure owned by another and used for human habitation, occupation or assemblage, whether such structure is in the same or an adjacent block or square.  No domestic fowl or pigeons shall be kept within the City by any person otherwise than in compliance with the following conditions: The house in which such fowl or pigeons are kept shall be dry, well ventilated and with windows so placed, if possible, to admit sunlight; it shall be kept whitewashed within and shall be cleaned at least once a week between November 1 and May 1, and at least twice a week between May 1 and November 1 of each year, and more often if necessary or so ordered by the Health Director.  All perches shall be movable and kept clean.  All chicken nests shall be movable and clean, and aired and sunned at frequent intervals.  Drinking fountains shall be clean and supplied at all proper times with clean water.  The surface of the yard shall be kept clean and free from all decaying animal or vegetable matter or odors; provided, that nothing herein shall apply to such fowl or pigeons confined in coops in provision stores or stores regularly established for the sale of fowl or pigeons or to fowl or pigeons brought upon the premises and kept for a brief period for dressing and consumption.
   The number of domestic fowl kept on any premises shall not exceed twenty.
(1969 Code §3-4)