(A)   The Department shall regularly collect solid waste according to the following schedule:
      (1)   Residential collection shall be once each week according to a schedule adopted by the Director of Sanitation. Whenever regular collection is disrupted, a make-up collection shall occur. The Director of Sanitation shall give notice of such make-ups by notifying at least one newspaper having general circulation in the city.
      (2)   Commercial collection shall be according to a schedule adopted by the Director of Sanitation.
      (3)   Bulk refuse collections must be arranged in advance by contacting the Department.
   (B)   In the event that poly-cart or bulk refuse is not collected at the regularly scheduled collection time due to poly-cart or other bulk refuse not being placed at the appropriate collection location before 7:00 a.m. on the customer's scheduled collection day, or which are improperly placed or otherwise cannot be collected, the customer may arrange for collection by the Department, but must agree to pay a fee of $5 which shall be in addition to any other applicable fees, and which shall appear on the customers utility bill for the next billing cycle. This fee shall be added for each occurrence.
   (C)   Solid waste that cannot be collected because it is not in an approved container, because the container is overloaded or improperly placed for collection, or because the customer has not paid for sanitation service is hereby declared to be a nuisance, which the city may abate at the property owner’s expense.
(Ord. 2004-03, passed 1-20-04; Am. Ord. 2006-9, passed 6-19-06)
   Bulk refuse collection, see § 51.12
   Nuisances, see Ch. 98