(a)   As used in this chapter, unless the context specifically indicates otherwise, the meaning of terms shall be as set forth in Section 925.01 and 927.01. In addition, the following meaning of terms shall apply as used in this chapter:
      (1)   “Service charge” means the basic fee levied on all users of the water system which may vary dependent upon the user class.
      (2)   “Surcharge” means the fee in addition to the service charge and to the normal water user charges which is levied on those persons using water service outside the municipal boundaries of the City.
      (3)   “Debt service” means the payment requirements to retire the water works debt through cash generated during the period of time that the debt is outstanding. An incremental charge for the recovery of debt service may be added to the user charge.
      (4)   “Operation and maintenance costs” means all expenses of supplying, pumping, treating, and otherwise providing water services to all users of the water system.
      (5)   “Replacement costs” means the expenditures for obtaining and installing equipment, accessories or appurtenances which are necessary during the useful life of the water works to maintain or regain the capacity and performance for which such works were designed and constructed. Unless specifically excluded, operation and maintenance includes replacement.
      (6)   “Replacement Fund” means a fund to which moneys are deposited which are collected for the purpose of replacement, as defined in subdivision (a)(5) hereof. The moneys deposited in such fund and the interest earned therein shall be used solely for the purpose of replacement.
      (7)   “Water Works Pumping Fund”, “Water Works Improvement and Extension Fund” and “Water Works Operating Fund” means a fund to which all moneys received from water service related charges are deposited and from which is paid all costs and expenses generated from or by the water works system of the City.
      (8)   “Right to service user” means a person who, by contractual arrangements and/or by special permit, reserves, uses, purchases and/or sets aside a certain capacity of the water works system for current or future use.
      (9)   “User charge” means the charge to each recipient of water services in the City’s service area, representing a proportionate share of the cost of operation and maintenance, including replacement of all waters works service provided.
      (10)   “User class” means the division of users in the City’s service area by the origin of the user of the water works system and by the similarity of the function of such users. The classes of users are the same as those set forth in Section 927.01(j) for the sanitary sewerage system.
         (Ord. 1-2-95. Passed 1-3-95.)