No person shall erect a building or structure within the fire limits of the City without first obtaining a permit therefor from Council. A person intending to erect a building or structure within such limits shall submit to Council the complete plans and specifications of such building or structure and shall file a copy thereof with the City Clerk. When a permit for such construction is granted, no person shall make a departure from such plans and specifications.  No person shall erect such building or structure unless the outside or party walls thereof are composed entirely of brick, stone or other noncombustible material, and Council may prescribe the thickness of such walls.  All chimneys shall be carried to at least three feet above the roof and the roofing shall be acceptable to Council for the type and location of such building or structure. There shall be no fee for the permit required herein so long as a permit is obtained under Section 1420.09 and the twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fee paid therefor as provided therein.